This story was collected and synthesize for the team of Halfbike - great young enthusiasts promoting the lifestyle of health. They have an idea for better society, and they wanted me to convey a message. Their goal was to raise voice against immobility of the human body that leads to lots of social and personal suffering.
Atanas Filipov was helping me for the evolutionary scene. He took my scanned drawings and transformed the stiffed images into vivid objects.
Each one of the species in this scene was carefully researched, analysed and designed according to the overall style of the animation. The selection of the species itself was far longer than expected. Finally it took me more than two weeks, just to finalize the design for the first 20 sec. of the clip.
And here we are - standing on top of billions years of changes.​​​​​​​
While researching I stumbled upon the work of Robert Fludd an English physician from 17 th century, who was interested in science and occult approaches. He was studding the human body and it's relation to the nature, thus constructed pretty interesting concept about the cosmological order. I thought his work could be useful to what we wanted to say...
... which was simply put!
Here are some moments from the making.
Client: Halfbike
Design and Animation: Asi Petrov
Additional animation: Atanas Filipov
Voice recording: BRAMBAR Studio
Sound design and Music: Big Banda