Do you remember those funny Mix-And-Match books, back in childhood?​​​​​​​
SPLITEE cuts photos in three parts and gives the opportunity to mix and scramble them in various combinations. The app is published by BAOBAPPS on AppStore and  Play Store.
My role: Concept, Prototyping, UI/UX 
Logo Shaping
Icons set
The app is focused on the users content, so there is not much opportunity for rich graphical and visual approach. The MVP required simple user journey.
1 - Take a photo, 2 - Cut it, 3 - Mix it with other photos, 4 - Share on socials.
The simplicity of the functioning allowed us to build a prototype with high fidelity before give it for testing, thus at the Beta stage we had almost everything in place.
EDITOR and NO ADS Screen
Additional features
Check the newest version at AppStore and Play Store.
Thank you