Production - PHAZZA
Script, VO, Design, Animation - Asi Petrov
Music and Sound Design - Big Banda SoundScapers
In 2021 the experienced team of BFPA (Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association) needed to prop up their presence at classroom with explanation video about infectious diseases. The video was planned as an introduction that will guide the attention of the students from various grades towards the intended direction - talk about hazardous practices part of our every day life.
''There are many factors our health depends on, and most of them are microscopic. So far we humans managed to examine and study only few thousand, and there are lots unhealthy ones among them.
Microorganisms are small and simple... and what they do best is to propagate. Scientists look for the malicious ones, because it Is very important to know how to protect ourselves. It is important to know WHICH ARE THE ROUTES OF INFECTIONS..."
"... Harmful microorganisms are everywhere, around us and in our bodies. We gain immunity exactly because of small dosages of viruses and bacteria, that are neutralized by the body. This happens through specific cells and system of ours that we keep studying..."
In a nutshell in their discussions in school, BFPA wanted to speak about the six most frequently occurring ways to get infected:
Respiratory, Fecal - Oral, Sexual, Tactile, Vertical and Blood.
Thank you for watching!