Remembrance for a car-pooling
The building of this page is currently in progress.
In 2013 a new car-pooling platform started to operate in Bulgaria! This wasn't the first one nor was the last one, but in its several years of operation, it showed something very important for those moment - the state institutions and the transport lobby didn't want this kind of shift in Bulgarian public transportation.
I was part of this endeavor during it's rise and fall, so I just wanted to make a place of remembrance of Aha!CAR, for the sake of the brand and all the people involved in its development and maintenance during those 3 years of platform existence.
Here I'm sharing some pieces from Aha CAR brand, just to show what it would look like if it was existing today.
As one of the owners of the brand my responsibility was the visual part. Every detail for the site, the mobile app, and every communication along the way.
Check out some interactive layouts
See this interactive presentation that recreates some of the functionalities of the platform. 
I'm putting more content here soon...